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Our Team

We have 22+ years experience in the tourist industry, assisting tourists from all over the world. We know what visitors expect from us, and we know about potential problems tourists often face in India, so we aim to make your time as pleasant and easy-going as possible.

We do our best for every visitor we meet in India, showing the REAL India, meeting REAL Indian locals, in a safe and comfortable environment, making sure you enjoy your time, travelling and living within YOUR chosen budget and lifestyle, we aim to provide a friendly and approachable atmosphere, where all our guests feel like they are free to be flexible with their plans and destinations.

Ask any question, and we will give you the true answer, or any information about India, including tradition, religion, history, lifestyle etc. Our goal is to give all real information free, in any way, to every visitor who visits, or wishes to visit India.

This is Truly India Travel - come as a guest, leave as a friend.

Name: Ajay Kumar
Position: Business Owner, Tour Planner & Transport Manager
About: Ajay started working in the India tourism business in 1991, and has worked for several travel company's in Delhi as a guide, driver and tour manager. He has knowledge from the ground level, having experienced many aspects of Indian life, particularly in the north of India. He started Truly India Travel with friends in 2008, with the basic foundation of true value for money, and the aim to create a trusting tourist community, essentially a family of like-minded travellers and local folk. Ajay laves to talk of India, answering any question - culture, lifestyle, people, traffic, travel, religion - having grown up in a small village he has a connection that some city folk lack...
Ajay aims to follow truth and spread happiness where possible in the world.

Best in Delhi: Guided old Delhi walk following the Old Streets, Kinari Bazar, Old Haveli's, the Spices Market etc.

Name: Puran Negi
Position: Special Trekking Tour Manager, Guide and Cook Extraordinaire
About: Mr. Negi has been working as a Trekking Guide since 1977, and with his 35+ years experience, he knows how to prepare for trekking in the high altitudes of the Himalayan Mountains for a safe and enjoyable journey. Mr. Negi is essentially cook, trekking guide and tour manager in one! He also loves to tell stories of his times trekking over the last three decades.


Name: Lucky
Position: Website Manager
About: Lucky lives out of the city, and commutes every day to the offices of Truly India Travel to maintain the accessibility of the website, keeping it accessible and as easy to understand as possible.

Best in Delhi: Chai in the office!