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Our Service

We are a customer centred organization. Good customer service is ahead of all our priorities on our list, as we understand that a delightfully satisfied customer always comes back, and brings in more customers. This is possible only through our highly determined and competent staff. We hope to diversify our products and enable more online services, and have our services available to everyone around the world. We wish to flourish in the international market, just as we done in the local market in India.

We have been working in the travel/tourism industry for 22+ years, in many areas, our services include...

*Travel Bookings - including train, bus and flights.

*Tour Packages - from the east to the west, and north to south.

*Car Travel is made easier at Truly India Travel - we have a number of safe and legally registered vehicles, and experienced, safe and competent drivers.

*Hotel Bookings - we book hotels with friendly staff whom are committed to genuine hospitality, by providing personalized and professional guest service.

*Free Information Service - why should information cost money, we are happy to share our knowledge.

*Best Value - from small booking fees, through to car/driver hire, we aim to keep costs within any given budget. We ensure value for money with economical airfares and tour packages, budget/backpacker travel packages and hotels. Heritage Tour Packages and Royal Tour Packages are also available at Truly India Travel, with destination guides and sample itineraries.

*A friendly, reliable, efficient, honest and transparent service - we are here to make your travels in India as smooth as possible.

We provide a unique travel experience to our customers and memories that they can cherish, without any hassles. We always learn a lot from travellers and tourists, and we are constantly learning more. We respect you, and any suggestions to improve our service and knowledge, and to do our best for the visitors to India.

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